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"I think the answer to where comics are going is: everywhere"- Dan Goldman


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This started out as a list challenge. I wanted to watch all comic book movies I could find in a row to see if I could watch them all. I decided to base it on the wikipedia list. I then decided to review them online, and someone suggested a blog, so I thought why not? I’m now planning on reviewing as much comic related stuff as I can. I like doing things like this for my own reference, so thought why not share this with people and maybe hear their opinions or start some discussions.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and info, I will be adding more content and making improvements as often as I can. Any input is appreciated!


Ratings system explained:

For movies I am using 1-100%, with it being hard to get 90 and above as a general rule.

For games I am using a scale of 1-10 based on factors relevant to the game.

For TV shows I am using no ratings, because episodes fluctuate in quality in a lot of shows, so instead I will give my overall impression and whether I recommend it or not.