I was in Bournemouth yesterday, and happened to see one of Stern‘s Walking Dead Pinball Machines. Unfortunately due to time constraints I never got to play on it, so this isn’t a review as such, although I have linked to reviews at the end, and also have shared with you a video from the arcadeuk youtube account of the machine in action.

It looks pretty impressive. I used to love going to arcades but don’t find much time for it now. If any readers want to give their opinion of this machine in the comments then I would be interested to know if you agree with the reviews or not.

Link to info on Walking Dead site

IGN review of the machine

It’s a pretty expensive piece of kit to buy (as most pinball machines are). I think they only made a limited amount of these machines worldwide, so I was pretty glad to see one. If I go back to Bournemouth anytime soon I will be sure to update this with a video of me playing it and a review from myself as well.