Archie and co transported to the future. Not as good as I expected.


While watching this movie, I tried really hard to find things that I liked about it, because Archie is a much loved and hugely followed comic series. It has been shown (much better) in animated series too. But, quite simply, this movie isn’t just bad, it’s 1990’s bad.

As far as the casting goes, it’s pretty clear that people were cast based on what the producers thought the grown up characters might look like rather than any type of acting ability, which was pretty common back then but often worked. This doesn’t. Maybe it would have helped if the plot was at all interesting, or if the grown up characters behaved more like their comic counterparts, but sadly they only attempt to and fail miserably. Since when, for instance, did any of the girls in Archie comics ever beg Archie for sex? This is supposed to be a movie aimed at kids, right? So that’s just cringeworthy.

The comic had some pretty far out things happen to the characters, but here most of it comes across as nonsensical. The characters are also pretty one dimensional in my opinion. The cast do their best, but it really comes across as almost like a bang average extended episode of a poor sitcom.

As this is a TV movie I shouldn’t be too harsh, but then again it’s not as if the budget called for any extra dramatic special effects. Even as TV movies go, this is poor. If you’re an Archie fan, I would say don’t ruin your memories with this, there is a much better movie version (animated) called The Archies in Jugman, which I will be reviewing next. Watch that instead. If you really want to watch it though, there is a link to the movie which has been released online to youtube, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

My Score:20 percent

Movie info from wikipedia

Genre Comedy
Created by John Goldwater
Bob Montana
Written by Evan Katz
Directed by Dick Lowry
Starring Christopher Rich
Lauren Holly
Karen Kopins
Sam Whipple
Gary Kroeger
Theme music composer Mark Snow
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Graham Cottle
Running time 96 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) Patchett Kaufman Entertainment
DIC Entertainment
Distributor National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
New Horizons Home Video
Roadshow Home Video
Original network NBC
Original release May 6, 1990

watch the FULL MOVIE here (not the greatest copy but its free……)