The sequel to Ultimate Avengers (2006) is Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther. After the death of his father in a pretty brutal opening, T’Challa assumes the mantle of Black Panther, and reaches out to the Avengers for help in defeating Kleiser and the Chitauri, thus defending Wakanda from the grave danger it is in.

The first movie had its flaws but was a pretty enjoyable watch, especially the battle between Hulk and the rest of the crew. This time, almost half the movie is wasted giving us a tour of Wakanda and characters that ultimately matter very little except to serve as constant reminders (almost every sentence they utter it seems) that Wakanda is independent and do not trust outsiders. I feel as though there was so much more to Wakanda they could have shown in this time.

The Black Panther character is a nice addition, and there are a lot more action set-pieces too. Unfortunately this actually serves only to dull the viewers interest, as wave of faceless, personality-less foes fall under the Avengers sword (Suicide Squad should have learnt a lesson about villains we care about here). The good thing is that the Chitauri are much more of a threat this time.

Marvel seemed to have issues in this movie giving all the characters screen time. Especially Hulk and Iron Man. The ladies are also criminally underused. Kleiser has absolutely zero character development either. As the main villain, this is not great. It is a common criticism levelled at Marvel, sometimes rightly, that they put zero focus on the villains. When they get it right (Loki) it is amazing, but when they get it wrong (Whiplash) it’s abysmal.

If it seems so far that I hated this movie, that’s only because after watching the first I thought they would take the good points and improve them, but they seem not to know what made the first one good. The animation is still solid without overly impressing. There are once again good uses of special effects. The soundtrack is still decent. But they simply do not know who they are targeting. once again they are stuck in a limbo between an adult version of an Avengers cartoon and a kids one, and achieving neither with even more determination that the original.

I was still able to enjoy the movie, but it is not a patch on the first one, and seems rushed out. My Verdict: Only enjoyable if you are a big Avengers fan. For everyone else, don’t watch this if you’ve seen the Avengers movie, it will only disappoint you.

My Score: 36 percent

Movie info from Marvel Movies Wikia

Director: Will Meugniot
Richard Sebast
Writer(s): Screenplay:
Greg Johnson
Boyd Kirkland
Craig Kyle
Greg Johnson
Comic Book:
Mark Millar
Bryan Hitch
Release Date: 2007