This movie is actually the fifth movie in the Marvel Animated Features movies. It seems to have really split opinions between comic book fans. I must say, I previously put off watching most of the movies because, especially this one, for various reasons, they didn’t look like movies I’d like. After watching this movie, or more accurately, struggling through it until the reasonably rewarding ending, I can say that I was right. This movie is a disappointment.

The potential to the story was so good as well, which makes it even more disappointing. Totally unrelated to any other Avengers label, this was a chance to tell a new story simply thrown away. It starts well, showing us that the Avengers as we know them are long gone, save Tony Stark aka Iron Man, who has hidden the children of the old Avengers away from the evil Ultron, who has pretty much taken over the world.

This could have been a whole new angle to explore what it means to be an Avenger, with the kids taking over the mantle from their parents. Instead, we are constantly reminded that we miss the old Avengers, never more apparent then when robot versions of them come to life and start battling the new heroes. Why have them in the movie at all? Are the writers that unsure about whether the kids can hold a movie on their own? The kids potential is also wasted in the finale, where they almost entirely disappear in favour of having an aged, greying Hulk battle Ultron. Again, why? It not only wastes the reappearance of a troubled Banner, but totally disregards all that came before it with the very minimal character development we do get.

This movie is unlikely to appeal to adults or kids, because it doesn’t seem to know (yet again) who it is appealing to itself. The effects are better than previous movies, but that simply masks what is essentially a poor script held together by action set-pieces. What also puzzled me is why have the focus for over half the movie on the kids, only to have the most interesting one not even show up until the halfway point? Some of them verge on downright annoying, so it’s really hard to care what happens to them.

Overall, there is little to recommend about this mess. If you like the Avengers at all, stay away from this at all costs. Even for your children, this is not going to hold their attention any more than a bang average saturday morning cartoon. A waste of potential that is a trademark of Marvel animated movies.

My Score: 28 percent

Movie info from Marvel Movies Wikia:

Director: Jay Oliva
Writer(s): Christopher Yost
Release Date: September 2, 2008
Running Time: 78 min.