Punisher and Black widow

Avengers confidential teams the Punisher with Black Widow, after he is brought into custody and then recruited to fight an organisation called Leviathan. The movie begins with the Punisher and S.H.I.E.L.D in pursuit of the same guy. Punisher tears through a whole bunch of bad guys in a brutal fashion, only to be confronted by Black Widow (who he first fights) and Nick Fury outside. This is a great action sequence that doesn’t hold back on the violence.

The action sequences themselves are the best thing about this movie, and there are quite a few. The two main heroes abilities get….shall we say “stretched” quite a bit at times. But the anime style animation is cool, and the action looks really good. The sound track is also pretty decent.

What I didn’t like as much were certain parts of the plot. It’s extremely cliched at points. Some of the voice acting is dull too. The title itself, and also when you watch the trailer, makes it seem like the Avengers will have more than five seconds of on screen action on average. Captain Marvel is basically wasted, and Thor and Iron man almost go missing too and not one of them is seen for at least the first hour of the movie. Even when they do show up, the only one that really has any worthwhile scenes is the Hulk. It’s almost as if they were dropped in there just to remind you it’s an Avengers movie.

This is especially puzzling at the final fight, because Punisher and Black Widow, the two without super powers, are left to fight the guy behind it all, while every other member deals with an army that Black Widow and Punisher were fighting by themselves moments before. It makes no sense. Not one could help?

For a movie with great action packed sequences, its drops off drastically in-between. There is a lot of uninspired dialogue that bogs these sequences down.


Hulk and Amadeus Cho

Over all, what this amounts to is Marvel trying hard but failing to quite bring all the elements together in animated movies. But the movie does have a cool style and great action sequences that do make it worth a watch.

My Score: 40 percent

Movie info from Marvel Movies Wikia:

Director: Kenichi Shimizu
Writer(s): Marjorie Liu
Mitsutaka Hirota
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Running Time: 83 mins