bad kids issue 1

Bad Kids seriously wants to be The Breakfast Club meets Scream (or some other slasher flick). I mean, reeeaaaally… the point of casting Judd Nelson, seemingly just to constantly remind you in case you forget. The plot is kind of a mash-up of both films, with kids in detention slowly picked off by a mysterious assailant, dashes of comedy, constant references to other films, filled with all the stereotypes it can manage to cram in.

These are no reason why this movie should be so bad. In fact they are all elements that were pulled off well in the movies it tries so hard to emulate. The problem with this movie is it fails to understand how they were successfully executed (no pun intended). If you’re going to have characters killed off, even if some of them are unlikable, you can’t have an entire cast filled with the least likeable people around. You have to actually care if someone dies, at least.

That is the biggest failing of this movie. The stereotypes are boring and their dialogue is just as stereotypical. We have the sports star, the goth type, the sulky weirdo, the bitchy blonde and so on. The plot itself is basic but could have been pulled off if other elements in the movie weren’t working against it. As mentioned, it involves the students, for one reason or another, arriving for an 8 hour detention on a Saturday. They end up holding a séance, which spooks them. They all start dying off, but is it a ghost, or is someone else pulling the strings?

The movie makes it quite obvious that it is the latter. The person pulling the strings manipulates situations where revelations come out about each student, which ties them all to a wider plot. It also makes you hate them even more.

The acting itself is what you would expect from a B-movie. The cast do throw themselves into it knowing full well how silly the movie is, and the deaths are pretty cool if also pretty silly. There are also quite a few sexual references and even a striptease thrown in, so this movie is definitely not for kids.


This movie is okay to watch if you can ignore all the plot holes and terrible dialogue, but it’s not great in any aspect. The twist at the end is extremely stupid and full of plot holes, making the great plan more a game of chance that just so happened to work.

Overall, this is an average to bad B-movie that tries hard not to be. There’s almost nothing rewarding about watching this movie, as everything in it has been done a hundred times, mostly much better.

My Score:35 percent

Movie info from Wikipedia:

Directed by Matthew Spradlin
Produced by Barry Wernick
Brad Keller
Written by Matthew Spradlin
Barry Wernick
Starring Amanda Alch
Marc Donato
Augie Duke
Roger Edwards
Ali Faulkner
Cameron Deane Stewart
Chanel Ryan
Ben Browder
Judd Nelson
Music by Brian Flores
Cinematography David H. Blood
Edited by Justin Wilson
BKGTH Productions
Bad Kids
Spiderwood Studios
Distributed by Eagle Films
Phase 4 Films
Red Sea Media
One2See Films
Top Film
Umbrella Entertainment
Kino Swiat
Roarlion SDN
Sahamongkolfilm Co.
Release date
  • December 7, 2012(United States and Canada)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English