bad kids go 2 hell

This movie is the sequel to Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012). Ben Browder takes over directing duties, as a whole new set of pupils lines up to be slaughtered in detention. The basic plot is almost a retread of the original, with the bits that are different serving only to drag to movie down to a lower level than its predecessor.

The cool, animated comic panel style intro may fool you into thinking you are getting a decent movie, but that is about the most enjoyable moment in this movie, which offers nothing new. It even basically recycles the striptease from the first one, minus the actual stripping.

As well as being a comic movie fan, I am also a slasher fan and a comedy fan. It’s so disappointing to see a movie fail so badly on all three fronts. This is abysmal, even compared to the first movie.

Having not read the comics before, after the first movie, I skim read it, and I do have to say, it’s pretty comic accurate, which is probably because the story is from the guy who wrote the graphic novel.

Once again, it’s not the fault of the actors, this is simply a terrible movie. In fact, if it wasn’t for Sammi Hanratty’s effort on screen, throwing herself into every scene with great energy, then I doubt I would have made it to the end of this movie. Even then, I considered turning it off quite a few times. This is the second worst movie I have watched so far after Alien Vs Predator; Requiem. It’s not even so bad it’s good. It’s just bad.

My Score: 20 percent

Sean Astin as headmaster Nash

Movie info from IMDb:

Directed by

Ben Browder

Writing Credits

Barry Wernick (screenplay) and
James R. Hallam (screenplay)
Barry Wernick (story)
Barry Wernick (graphic novel)



Release Date:

13 January 2017 (USA)

Sammi Hanratty as Siouxsie