In case you were living under a rock we are getting some SICK trailers dropped on us left right and centre at the moment. This is truly a great time for comic book fans.

San Diego Comic-Con Has had announcements about Stranger Things season two, The Defenders, Justice League, Thor, Lucifer, Arrow, Ready Player One, Westworld, Kingsman and even a Duck Tales reboot among others. Yeah that’s right, I’m mega-excited about that one having watched the originals many years ago.

We’ve also had Ben Affleck not being Batman, then being Batman again, announcements about tons of stuff I don’t have time to cover. And yes, THAT trailer. And no, I don’t have it.

Here’s some of the things I found most personally interesting:

  1. The Walking Dead is coming back with a bang!

This trailer looks like they really mean business this season. I don’t think there are gonna be that many filler episodes because they have a ton of material to cover if this really is gonna be a one-season war. There was a lot of criticism last season about the uneven pace of it, among other things. It looks like they’ve listened, and already I’ve seen clips in this trailer where I’m speculating on what’s going down. In any case this is a great trailer that hypes up the coming season in October perfectly. So what do you think the final part of the trailer represents?

2. DC gather pace….

Another great looking trailer arrived for the Justice League. Rumours of problems aside, looking at this trailer you can’t help but get excited for this movie. I’m not even sure why they are still acting like Supe’s return is gonna be a huge surprise to anyone that has ever read a comic, but I’m glad they have left it out of the trailer because it can be frustrating to see all the twists and best bits before the cinema.

I’m also looking forward to the flash season 4, so was eagerly anticipating this, and it didn’t disappoint. I hear that people are huge fans of Game of Thrones (sure I heard that somewhere) and that there was an awesome trailer dropped, but for me it’s about Dc and Marvel tv shows. Not a huge GoT fan.


3. Marvel show no signs of faltering.

This movie quite simply looks like its going to be the best Thor movie yet. It looks like a lot of fun but I hope they don’t go overboard on the quips, as it looks like Thor will be in big trouble in this movie, so an over-use of comedy may take away a lot of suspense or the perceived danger.

and then. This. I’m just gonna leave this here:


Other announcements from Marvel were that Michelle Pfeiffer is to play Janet Van Dyke in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel will be battling the Skrulls in their first film appearance ever in her movie, which will also see Samuel L. Jackson reprise his Nick Fury role.

And of course there was the Black Panther trailer, and the Infinity War trailer. I don’t have that for you either.

How about the teaser trailer for the Krypton series instead?


What are YOU anticipating most? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!