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Barb Wire is based on the movie Casablanca, but it is not even close to being in the same league as it. It was made at the height of Pamela Anderson’s fame, and although based on the comic book of the same name, was basically an excuse for her to star in what at times seems nothing more than a soft porn flick.

The movie was so bad that it even won its star ‘worst newcomer’  at the Raspberry Awards. In fact, it was actually nominated for seven of them. Upon re-watching, it’s even worse than I remembered. The action scenes are cringeworthingly bad. The star cannot deliver a single line well. Any humour that was supposed to be there is killed by her inability to act. If you were a teenage boy in the 90’s, you may well have made it through the movie and possibly even had the poster. But even then you would probably not have said this was any good.

The film is set in 2017. The contrast between what 2017 is like in this movie and what 2017 is actually like, is as stark as the contrast between this movie and the one it rips off, in every aspect.

I honestly went into watching this with a few memories of it being not that bad when I was younger. I got a first hand experience of how memories can be distorted. There is no way I have ever thought this movie was anything but garbage. You may think I’m being harsh by saying this was an excuse to get Pamela Anderson in a soft porn flick, but watch the first few minutes. Within those minutes she has her breasts out and is getting sprayed with champagne while pole dancing, then kills a guy by taking off her heels and stabbing him with it in the forehead.

About the best thing that can be said about the movie is that Anderson kind of looks like the comic character. It’s a struggle to review because I cannot find anything positive to say, and there really is no point me telling you the plot. The plot is Casablanca. I would have been able to say it had a cover of a pretty good song in it, but it is ruined by not only being the track for Anderson’s bar intro, but its the most horrendous cover ever.

Barb Wire

I would like to say that it does get better at the end. But this really is the type of movie for which you consider asking for your money back after watching in the cinema. Even Anderson herself blamed the director for making the movie overly smutty as a reason for it failing.

My Score: 10 percent

Movie info from Wikipedia:

Directed by David Hogan
Produced by Todd Moyer
Mike Richardson
Brad Wyman
Written by Chris Warner
Screenplay by Chuck Pfarrer
Ilene Chaiken
Story by Ilene Chaiken
Based on Barb Wire
by Dark Horse Comics
Music by Michel Colombier
Cinematography Rick Bota
Edited by Peter Schink
Distributed by Gramercy Pictures
Release date
  • May 3, 1996
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $9 million[1]
Box office $3.8 million[2]