Batman and Robin 1949
Robert Lowery, 1949 TV Serial “Batman and Robin”

The 1949 Serial Batman and Robin replaced both the Batman and Robin actors, this time played by Robert Lowery and Johnny Duncan. Lowery makes a better Batman than Wilson in The Batman (1943 Serial). Also gone is the racism from the first one.

Like the first one, it was made as cheap as possible. There is still no batmobile and Robin wears tights the entire time because the actor portraying him had hairy legs. The costumes were also once again pretty poor and didn’t really fit right.

The plot this time centres on the villain The Wizard, who has a device that can control electrical devices. The duo are on his trail and he sets various traps for them. At the same time, Bruce Wayne’s love interest Vicky Vale is trying to uncover the masked vigilante’s identities.

I thought the story was a bit more fun, and the action scenes a bit better quality, although slightly repetitive. Even though the costume was still poor, Lowery had a better physique and more athleticism than Wilson, which makes Batman more believable. For casual viewers this is probably still something they wouldn’t go out of their way to watch. Its pretty fun in parts, if at times not really making complete sense, plus the villain is pretty boring. Fans will probably still want to have watched it and have it as part of their collection.

You may still find yourself skipping to the action sequences. There is a pretty good one, especially considering the budget and resources available at the time, involving the dynamic duo chasing a train, for instance. Overall it hasn’t really aged well, but it’s a part of the Caped Crusader’s history so worth a watch for fans.